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Thai Wedding Ceremony Is Full Of Fun And Color

Koh Samui Weddings

Koh Samui Weddings

Thais are religious and this is reflected in their wedding ceremonies. Though traditional ceremony doesn’t hold legal validity, it is still given much importance in Thai society. Since Buddhism is the main religion of Thailand, Weddings in Thailand are synonymous with Buddhist ceremonies, conducted and blessed by monks. Thai Buddhist weddings may be held either in a Wat (temple) or anywhere else. However, during retreat season, the ceremony cannot be held outside, as monks are not allowed to step outside temples.

Thai Buddhist wedding ceremony is a social occasion consisting of two parts – religious part attended by monks and traditional part, enjoyed by all present. Couples flying in from abroad to wed according to Buddhist rites typically have only religious ceremonies, held either in a temple or on a beach. Buddhist wedding ceremonies are held only during early morning hours. More information about best places to get married in Thailand here.

Koh Samui Weddings Thailand

Traditional Thai Buddhist wedding package offered by most resorts includes only blessing ceremony by Buddhist monks from local temple. Some Koh Samui weddings package also include making merit by releasing birds and fishes from captivity. Since the ceremony only involves blessing the couple, it can be scheduled for anytime convenient to the couple. Some couples even choose to have a Thai wedding in the afternoon, followed by a western-style beach wedding. Make your wedding in Samui perfect today!

The real Thai wedding ceremony begins a day before the wedding with a religious ritual to pay homage to ancestors. Typically nine monks are present for this and bride and groom are dressed in ordinary clothes. During this ceremony, a sacred thread is tied around the head of bride and groom and unrolled by monks.

On Thailand weddings day, bride and groom will be dressed in traditional Thai attire and the proceedings will start with sprinkling of holy water on all present by monks. Once again a holy thread is tied around the head of bride and groom, joining them together. Then couple offer trays, each having a dish to monks. Money is handed out in envelopes, as monks are not allowed to touch them. With this, the religious part of the wedding ceremony gets over.

Koh Samui Weddings Packages

Thais are fun-loving people and this is evident in the numerous ceremonies associated with their wedding. Some popular traditional ceremonies seen in Thai weddings are ‘door ceremony’ and ‘shell ceremony’. Door ceremony involves bride’s sisters and groom, amid much cheering from guests. In this, bride’s sisters demand money and gifts from groom to open each gate on his way to bride’s house. As bride’s house approaches, the gifts become more and more expensive. Take a look at Koh Samui private pool villas for more accommodation deals.

Even though most Thai marriages are not arranged ones, dowry is still in prevalence. Dowry is shown to all guests as a proof of financial stability of the groom. Shell ceremony is the concluding part of a Thai wedding in which guests bless the couple by pouring holy water from a shell onto the hands of couple and in return are given mementos.

Most of Phuket weddings planner help couples from abroad wed in traditional Thai Buddhist ceremony attended by authentic monks. For more information about getting married in Thailand packages visit out website.


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